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+30 MIN 2,90 €
+40 MIN 3,90 €
Before the trip:

Make sure to provide your flight details accurately during the booking process.
Check your phone and email regularly for any updates or changes in your trip details.
Contact the driver before boarding to confirm the meeting point and ensure a smooth pickup process.

Upon arrival:

Turn on your phone and check for any messages or missed calls from the driver.
Follow the airport signs to the meeting point where the driver will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name.
Make sure to show your booking confirmation and have your ID ready for verification.
Communicate with the driver to confirm your destination and any other preferences or requests you may have.

Waiting Time :

Our driver waits for you 60 minutes for free after the landing of your flight, if you are not present after 60 minutes our driver has the right to leave the airport. To better manage your time at the airport you can buy an optional extra waiting time.

After the trip:

Rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve our service.
Don't forget to collect all your belongings before leaving the vehicle.
Contact us if you have any issues or concerns.


The payment for the ride and any delay fees will be processed through the online payment system, using your credit or debit card.
We ensure secure payment processing through our trusted payment gateway.

We strive to provide a high-quality service that meets your expectations, and we appreciate your feedback to help us improve our service.
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