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How you can find your driver in Essaouira Airport ?

Where will my driver greet me?

After you collect your luggage in the baggage claim area and pass through Customs, your driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the terminal holding a name sign with your name clearly displayed.

What do I do if I have trouble finding my driver?

Contact our 24hr customer service team. We will identify the driver’s location and guide him to meet you where you are immediately.

24hr Tel. Hotline: +212600619495 / +212680111952

I won’t have an active sim card. Can I call using an App?

Yes, if the airport has free WiFi or you are using data roaming then you can contact us on any of the below apps:

Our Whatsapp:  +212600619495 / +212680111952 

How long will my driver be waiting for us?

in accordance with our policy, your driver will wait for you for 60 minutes free of charge after the flight has landed, if you need additional time do not hesitate to book this option here 

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