1èr opérateur de Transport Touristique au Maroc a être 100% vacciné Covid-19

For some time, applications like Uber and others have appeared in Morocco. In any case, this is what comes to mind with the announcement of a new application allowing you to control a car with a driver using your smartphone.

The development of this mobile application called CARRESA GO, however, began at the end of 2021 at the initiative of Carresa Group, Moroccan leader in Tourist Transport. Available for free since February 06 on Android and soon on Iphone, the platform allows users to book several services in advance (a car with driver or an airport transfer or a single trip.

Then just a simple click compare the prices which are calculated per KM and also fixed prices per trip and per vehicle by entering the departure and arrival destination then enter personal information to receive an invoice.

Upon receipt of the reservation will be assigned automatically to an available driver who will then come to your direction after the end of the journey, customers can receive a survey to leave a notice that will allow the quality service of the company Carresa Group to assess the quality of his service.